“The Golden Box” is a limited edition collection inspired by a golden mask Jane kønig created for a friend as a birthday gift. Wearing the mask, one enters a world of fantasies. Treasured memories are reflected in the gold pieces such as the old phone and the clock hand, which are a reminder of the moment itself. The tantalizing gold tools look charming on a woman’s figure such as the whip that is hanging from the choker floating smoothly like a waterfall, and the cuffs that are promiscuous and playful. There are 10 pieces inside the box that are sold together. All of the pieces are silver gold-plated, some of which accompany a ruby. The collection is a passe-partout, and it fits perfectly on a casual shirt or an evening gown.

This gold collection is addressing powerful sensual ladies who indulge in the dark side of a secretive lifestyle – women who are feisty and open-minded. If you enjoy spicing things up and looking unconventional, this collection is made for you. For more pictures and info, follow “The Golden Box” on Instagram #JKGOLDENBOX and #JANEKOENIG.

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